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The board at Spectacular! Spectacular!': THE Moulin Rouge Board is having a birthday! [09 Jul 2009|10:15pm]

August 21st, 2009, the 8th anniversary of the board:


It's time!

Anyone up for a chat on the 21st? It's a Friday. If more than one person is interested, I might even update the website http://www.spectacularx2.com *gasp*.

I don't recall doing anything special for the movie anniversary.

Let's get this party started... quickly!

Head on over to http://moulinrouge.yuku.com/topic/2976 for discussion!
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Looking for a screencap [29 Apr 2006|10:18pm]

Hey guys this is my first post here. I was wondering if anybody had a screencap of the scene in Strictly Ballroom where Fran and Scott are dancing on the roof together where there is a big coca-cola sign in the background.

I would appreciate it so much if anybody could share it with me. I've been looking everywhere & I want to use it in a research essay for school.
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1413 Screencaps from Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann [29 Apr 2006|09:46pm]
1413 screencaps from the Baz Luhrmann movie "Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

((Get them here))

Or check out the teasers...

Show me previewsCollapse )

Check this list which is a complete list of everything I have ever screencapped with links to them.
Or just have a look at CapThat Screencaps - the screencap site.
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[20 Jan 2006|04:35pm]

Hey guys, I'm selling a really large (over 6 ft in length) banner/poster on EBAY. Check it out!

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Strictly Ballroom Screencaps [27 Dec 2005|09:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here is 160 screencaps from "Strictly Ballroom"

I would appreciate credit, and also would love it if you left comments on the individual images you like :)

Get Them here

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[20 Oct 2005|09:28pm]

Hello everyone...I'm glad to find a place where there are other people who love R&J and Baz.
I've been looking for some r&j layouts and haven't found any....if anyone knows where they are could you point me in the right direction!
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Romeo and Juliet Icons... [22 Nov 2004|06:59pm]


hi, i have some r+j icons for you all, please comment and credit to either myself or my icon community, iconxbrothel , i have more there so join if youre interested, i hope you guys like em...

1.  2.  3. 

more...Collapse )

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Icons [18 Nov 2004|01:58pm]

x26 Romeo + Juliet icons

My Journal is Friends only. To view the icons you've gotta add me etc, if your not already a chum.

Credit and comment please, feedbacks sexual.

Tease x/ xx xxx xxxx

The rest can be found here.

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Two more... [22 Aug 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Here's two R+J icons from the big movie batch I made earlier. Kinda angsty, but enjoy! Comment, credit, all that fun stuff. No direct linking please, thanks.

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Wherefore L'Amour? [27 Jul 2004|10:45pm]

Hello all...I'm Jessi, new to the community. Looks pretty nice.

Does anyone know where I could find a picture of the "Wherefore L'Amour" billboard from Romeo&Juliet? I've tried various search engines and the closest thing I've been able to dig up is a pic of Mercutio with the billboard in the background. Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks!
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R+J goodness [21 Jul 2004|02:39pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hey y'all. New poster here.

I was going on an icon rampage earlier, and made these Romeo + Juliet ones. They're not very good, but oh well. Enjoy, comment, credit, all that good stuff.

Peace. Love. Drama.

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x-posted [06 Jun 2004|12:08am]


I went on an R+J binge and want to spread the love ^__^

Take whatever you want from this icon set. Comment if taking. Credit in keywords is appreciated. Mercutio is damn cool. That is all.


the restCollapse )
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[21 Apr 2004|08:54pm]

Ahhh what a cool comunity!!! I love this man!! he's such an amazing director!
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[20 Mar 2004|04:57pm]

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IMPORTANT [20 Feb 2004|10:57pm]

Please do not reply to any messages that just contain a link, posted anywhere on LJ by streetracer385 because as soon as you reply, this spambot scans your user info and adds itself to any communities you're a member of, spamming them, too. I'm reporting it to LJ Abuse as I type this. Don't click the link either. It's a gaming site that gathers the user points for every click.

ETA: The account was suspended for spamming, just four minutes after I reported it. Thanks to LJ abuse for such a prompt response!
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Nooo! [04 Dec 2003|04:36pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Director Oliver Stone is breathing a sigh of relief after learning Australian Baz Luhrmann's rival film about Alexander The Great has been called off. Stone has already begun filming his epic Alexander in Morocco with Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie, and Moulin Rouge director Luhrmann was set to follow with his own version of the story, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the historic conqueror. But according to reports in Britain's Heat magazine, Luhrmann's version has been called off after failing to attract enough foreign investment, which was slated to cost $150 million.

Say it isn't so!! asghg I've been waiting and wating. @^!$


"A December 4th news item from WENN entitled "Luhrmann's 'Alexander' Off?" stated that director Baz Luhrmann's long-planned Alexander the Great film had been called off due to investment problems, citing reports in Britain's Heat magazine. According to Universal Pictures' Lorenzo De Maio and producer Dino DeLaurentiis, the film adaptation is moving forward as planned, with Luhrmann slated to direct stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman; a script, which Luhrmann is working on with David Hare (The Hours), is expected to be ready in February. "Baz Luhrmann has created an entirely new visual language for this epic movie, and we must further emphasize that we are not in a race with anyone as we move forward with this rich and complex project," De Laurentiis stated."
- Also from www.imdb.com. I'm just too lazy to do the HTML. Ha.

But hurrah!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAZ! [17 Sep 2003|11:39am]

[ mood | bouncy ]


*cheers* and thanks for the inspiration!

Spectacular! Spectacular! Moulin Rouge Message Board
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Random [04 Jul 2003|05:45pm]

Whenever I hear Linkin Parks "In The End" and it gets to the "I had to fall to lose it all!" part, I always hear "toulouse it all"

Also, did anyone else scream and jump up and down when Willow from Buffy made a Moulin Rouge reference a while ago?
Hmm...obsessions colliding...
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don't let my community die! [19 Jun 2003|12:47am]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm a newbie here, but I had to post this. I'm the community mod of redcurtainicons
, and thought you all should know about it. Come on over, make pretty things, join, post, share!


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Happy 2nd Birthday MR! [01 Jun 2003|10:35am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Well, the AIM chat is about to start, so if you're around the place hop on to AIM and join in!


Message Board Bday Banner

*In the name of love, one night in the name of love....*

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