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tblf's Journal

The Baz Luhrmann Foundation
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All Hail Baz Luhrmann! This is a community for those who adore and worship anything to do with director Baz Luhrmann! It can be from his movies (Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, Strictly Ballroom); the actors in his movies; his songs (Everyone's Free-To Wear Sunscreen); or even the people he likes to work with (Craig Pierce, Catherin Martin)! If you are a Baz Fan, you'll be welcome here!

Here, Baz Luhrmann is GOD!

TBFL- The name of this community stands for THE BAZ LUHRMANN FOUNDATION. But it can also stand for Truth, Beauty, Love and Freedom--The four beliefs of the Bohemians in Moulin Rouge!

The community was created by bohemrev
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